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What is MFR- Myofascial Release?

What is Myofascial Release (MFR): 

Myo refers to muscle. Fascia is soft connective tissue consisting of elastin, collagen, and substance which runs throughout our bodies, surrounding every cell, and connecting everything from head to toe!  

Myofascial release is a gentle sustained manual pressure applied to areas of restriction in muscles and connective tissue until there is a release of soft tissue and mobility which usually takes 5-10 minutes. This release also re-hydrates the fascia, restoring its pliability and movable quality and getting nutrition back into the area. 

Normally, the fascia is relaxed and moves smoothly with movement of our body, however it can become hardened and lose its mobility after trauma, scarring, surgery, or inflammation. When the fascia hardens, it causes dysfunction, restriction and dehydration in the fascial system. Since fascia is comparable to a delicate spider web, when one area is hardened, it affects all of the fascia throughout the body. This hardened fascia can cause up to 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch in our body. Some refer to this as a fascial "straight jacket." Many children are born with fascial restrictions or develop them early in life causing developmental issues.


MFR can help the following conditions:

~ Neurological trauma  ~Cervical trauma  ~Pelvic imbalances  ~Digestive and elimination issues

~Birth trauma  ~Sensory processing difficulties  ~Latching difficulties 

~ADD/ADHD ~Postural anomalies  ~Pain Acute injuries ~Torticollis

~CP  ~ Respiratory issues  ~Structural problems

~Fussiness  ~Sleep disorders  ~Orthopedic conditions

If your infant, toddler or child has any of these conditions our expert CST & MFR PT Team is ready to help!

Contact: 931-372-2567 & we will help check insurance benefits or email [email protected] and ask for a PT packet to get started! 



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