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ABA/Behavior Therapy

ABA provided in home, school, day care, therapy center and/or ABA clinic locations!

Center of Development was the first pediatric therapy clinic in the Upper Cumberland & we offer the most comprehensive Therapy Team for your precious one.  We have been providing amazing therapies for awesome kids in homes, schools, day cares, and clinics for 25 years in the Upper Cumberland. 

We provide an Autism TEAM approach with all therapies provided by Center of Development including ABA, OT, PT, Feeding, Vision, AAC device, speech & language to help your child make gains in all of their development. 

Our Autism Clinic provides ABA therapy up to 32 hours per week along with their OT, Speech, Feeding and PT therapies! 

Carry over into the home and school is also provided for all environment carry over of skills.  

ABA is the most well researched treatment for Autism and can help carry over the other therapies into the child's daily routine, train all caregivers involved in their care on therapy interventions, and help the child for many hours a week 1:1 in all their environments.  

Benefits of ABA include:  

Improved communication working with the child's speech & language therapist for carry over into their daily routine and use of communication devices.  

Improved Purposeful Play

Improved Socialization

Improved Transitions 

Decrease in negative behaviors 

Improved attention & engagement 

Improved Potty Skills & Self Care 

Improved nutritional intake of healthy foods 

Improved cognition 

Less elopement, improved safety and ability to follow directions 

Less self injury and/or injury to others 

Decreased tantrums and increased positive behaviors 

Improved sensory calming and desensitization to aversive sensory stimuli as behavior technician helps carry out the OT recommendations 

Improved community skills, tolerating different environments, doctor visits, dentist, haircuts, shopping, etc. 

Improved self management skills- help with setting up schedules, following routines, and compliance with activities of daily living. 

Our ABA team will provide evaluations and treatment in the home, school, clinic and day care settings for optimal progress and carry over in the natural environment and caregiver training. 

We set ourselves apart by providing a wide range of ABA with an all inclusive therapy approach using the best treatment for your child's needs including:  My Way & Skills Based based treatments, Natural Environment Training, Floortime Engagement techniques, Play Based Pivotal Response, Verbal Behavior based ABA, and focus on a generalization to all people, places, and activities.  

If your child has a diagnosis of ASD and is 12 or under, please contact us for ABA information. We will check your insurance and start the paperwork.  Call 931-372-2567 or email  [email protected]

Pre-authorization is required on insurance before therapy can begin. We must receive MD orders, ASD DX paperwork, and the parent packet before your child can be placed on the ABA waiting list.  

Our ABA services are supplied in the natural environment of the child by an experienced & licensed BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) and RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) team. 

We supply neurodivergent supportive therapies and help the child gain a calm, relaxed and engaged state!  







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