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Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy is for children displaying challenging behaviors such as: defiance, aggression towards self and others, difficulties with social interactions, or other emotional issues parents and professionals are concerned with.  See links on the right for more details on ABA and PBS therapy. 

Behaviors may be sensory driven, meaning that a child with Sensory Processing Disorder often has a fight or flight reaction to their world.  They are very internally and externally stressed, causing irregular mood changes, irrational fears, and aggressive or fear responses to normal interactions or environments. An occupational therapy evaluation can help determine if your child has sensory issues causing behavioral responses. Please call 931-372-2567 for more info or email our Therapy Director with your questions or concerns at [email protected]


We work locally and in the clinic with Momentum Behavior Analysis for behavorial evaluations and treatments.  Please contact Momentum Behavioral Analaysis and see what their services can offer with Behavioral Analysis evaluations, Behavior Plans and ABA therapies by visiting or call directly at 931-287-3710. 

Insurance companies differ in their coverage for behavioral services, please contact Momentum for insurance coverage and authorization. MD orders can be faxed directly to 931-287-2778  and must include Axis I & II diagnosis and signed and dated by MD.


For out of town Behavorial Health Services and non-insurance covered services please call for a free 20 minute consultation with Global Behavior Education Alliance, Inc. 1-888-423-2559  with Dr. Crane. Email: [email protected]  Web:

 ONLINE sessions available for out of town clients!   






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