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Vestibular (balance system)


* Arises from the firing of the vestibular apparatus in each inner ear

* This system tells the brain that we are moving, surrounded by something that is moving, on something that is moving, or a combination of the three

* This system also tells the brain where "down" is because the vestibular apparatus registers the pull of gravity

Why do we swing before therapy:

Vestibular sensations are the strongest of all sensations and have the greatest effect on focused learning, muscle tone, correct posture and even visual focus!

Poorly integrated vestibular systems = poorly functioning visual and muscle systems! 

Movement in a swing from a single point in a linear direction for 15 minutes sets the arousal level in the brain and body to an optimum level to get a calming or arousing response, whichever is needed in order to be at the best arousal level to learn, pay attention, and keeps all brain chemicals at optimum levels for learning.

Vestibular power sensation is the most powerful and longest lasting sensation (typically 8 hours after 15 minutes on a swing hung from a single point in a linear direction).

Vestibular input is a very strong brain stem sensation which is best if done first and followed by proprioception before a cortical task so that the brain stem can take care of and focus on ANS (Automatic Nervous System) functioning and the cortex can register more information (½ hour to 45 minutes before functional tasks is best done 2 times daily).

This is why all 7 therapy rooms at our Center of Development and Center of Vision have multiple single point swing options to begin every therapy session!  

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