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Autism and Gut Brain Connection

Below are some great links to help understand more!

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement in November of 2012 that children with Autism definately have links to gut, digestive, and immunity issues that need further evaluation and treatment. 

Many biomedical experts, parents, and clinical nutritionists have known this for years and see DRASTIC improvements in the treatment of Autism when the gut is healed by supplements and special diets. 

To learn more and help your pediatrician learn more about these links here are some of the leading experts in the field of research and TREATMENT for healing Autism:

Great books and newest research on how to treat Autism:  and

The best book to understand the gut brain connection and the best diet to address healing the gut:

Great blog post with lots of research on GAPS diet:

Autism Research Institute is one of the leaders in treatment of Autism.  On this link you can watch webinars, see parent surveys of what really helped their child (natural tx vs. medicine), and stay in touch through their amazing newsletters!

Generation Rescue can help with grant money for biomedical testing, supplements, etc.  go to:

For the most recent research summary:


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