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Amblyopia (lazy eye)

AMBLYOPIA ("lazy eye"): a visual defect that affects approximately 2 or 3 out of every 100 children in the United States. Amblyopia involves lowered visual acuity (clarity) and/or poor muscle control in one eye. The result is often a loss of stereoscopic vision (3D) and depth perception. Vision therapy can improve this condition. Early detection is extremely important.

For many years, it was thought that amblyopia (lazy eye) was only amenable to treatment during the "critical period". This is the period up to age seven or eight years. Current research has conclusively demonstrated that effective treatment can take place at any age. The length of the treatment period increases dramatically the longer the condition has existed prior to treatment.

People often confuse amblyopia (lazy eye) with strabismus (crossed eyes, eye that wander, turn or deviate). These are two different but sometimes interrelated visual problems. See more in-depth definitions written by an eye doctor at what is amblyopia"? and what is strabismus?

There are many reasons that early childhood eye examinations and proper treatment are essential. Research has also demonstrated that patients with amblyopia are more likely to sustain injuries resulting in the loss of their good eye than individuals with two good eyes.

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