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Climbing and Crashing Movements

Climbing And "Crashing" Are Children's Favorites!

Little do children know, there are many sensorimotor challenges that are presented in climbing and "crashing":

  • Calms the system with active work and strong massage deep pressure input on impact

  • Continues to calm by strengthening the muscles that assist with breathing

  • Builds upper and lower-body strength

  • Facilitates motor-planning skills

  • Intense vestibular stop and start input

Of course, the "crashing" is best done into mats, piles of heavy-duty bean bag chairs, air mattresses, air pillows or ball pits with soft walls.

Activities include: large trampolines with safety nets are wonderful sensory input and great for motor skills, rolling up and down a hill, ball pits, falling into bean bags or air mattresses, play wrestling, and climbing ladders, rope ladders, and disc swings.

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