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RED FLAGS for Visual Problems

Poor Bilateral Coordination and Visual perceptual skills:

* Did not crawl as a baby, early walkers

* Clumsy, poor fine motor skills, poor coordination of right and left

* Difficulty with crossing midline

* Difficulty with using one side of body to assist the other side, poor dominance

* Poor rhythm, can't keep a beat

* No established hand dominance at 4-5 years, switches hands a lot

Poor Visual Spatial and Perceptual Skills:

* Closes or covers one eye, squints, leans into work, leans head to one side

* Complains of seeing double, tilts head, headaches

* Difficulty with losing place when copying from the board, loses place on worksheets, reading, math is unorganized on paper

* Fails to comprehend what they are reading, loses interest

* Difficulty with size of letters, spacing, lining up of numbers, poor handwriting

* Difficulty with puzzles, cutting on lines, and other visual games

* Bumps into objects often, clumsy

* Confuses right and left (after age 6), poor sense of directions, difficulty with up/down, before/after, first/second

*Reverses letters after 1st grade or reads or writes backwards

* Poor hand dominance

* More verbal, often very talkative, talks through tasks

* Uses finger to keep place

* usually very bright, higher IQ, and yet having difficulty with learning to read

Neuro-visual therapy is a researched treatment and very beneficial for these issues, helping a child avoid years of frustration and struggling in the classroom or with sports. Go to for more info!

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