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Occupational, Physical, Speech & Language, Feeding, & Neuro-Visual Therapies all in one center!

Pediatric Therapy is ALL we do!

We offer amazing therapies for amazing kids!

Center of Development uses a family friendly based approach to therapy for your child!
We are here to help you, educate you, and empower you as a parent and caregiver to help your child succeed!
We want you as a family to be excited about learning more about your child's issues and advanced treatment techniques to help them.

At the Center of Development we focus on what the underlying cause of your child's delays are using a team of therapists that have advanced training in pediatric therapies and a holistic approach to treatment.
We educate families on all the treatment options for their child and how to empower them with more knowledge on treatment for delays.

Never delay on getting an evaluation for a little one!
WE love infants and toddlers, and the earlier the better for therapy interventions!
An evaluation at any point in childhood can be the beginning to finding the answers & treatment for your child's needs!

Private practice therapy can ALWAYS be done along with your child's educational therapies.
If your child is receiving therapy with TEIS or the school system, they can ALSO receive therapy in our clinic.

Most children need both educational and medical based therapies to make good progress. Insurance covers BOTH!  Both are needed to make huge gains in developmental skills.
We are focused the latest and advanced therapy interventions the child needs in therapy sessions.  We understand how busy life is at home, so home therapy activities are simple and helpful, fitting into your daily life schedule easily!

Building a child's self esteem is a very important part of what we do in therapy.  We believe that this is a vital part of every individual's ability to meet their greatest potential.  Your child will LOVE coming to therapy and will learn to see their AMAZING potential!

This website has a lot of information gathered from over 15 years of educating families on the most advanced treatment techniques available for their child's issues.

Check out our facebook, Pinterest, and Wordpress links above!  These are updated weekly!  Pinterest is a great place to start if you are visual learner!

What's Next?

Don't "wait and see"! Early intervention and therapy can help prevent developmental issues at school age! It is best to go ahead and get a therapy evaluation and know exactly where your child's development is and start therapy sooner than later!

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