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Occupational, Physical, Speech & Language, Feeding & Behavior Therapies all in one center!


Awesome therapies for AMAZING kids!

Center of Development was the first pediatric only therapy clinic in the UC opening in 2002.  Heidi Clopton, pediatric Occupational therapist, had been working in homes and schools for several years and saw the need for a pediatric friendly outpatient clinic for the special needs community.  She desired to work closer with families and supply all the therapies needed in one place.  Our passion continues and our clinics grow as we provide comprehensive and individualized pediatric therapy services to help children reach their greatest potential! 

We are unique as we are the ONLY pediatric therapy clinic providing ALL therapies your child needs on one Therapy TEAM.  

We provide comprehensive evaluations and individualized 1:1 treatments with extensive family and teacher education to help in all environments.  

We have 8 individualized, child friendly and sensory calming treatment gyms at one center and a neurodiverse supportive Autism Clinic with an awesome sensory gym! 

We can do behavior therapy in the child's natural environment (home, day care approved, school approved) within 45 min drive from Cookeville as needed for maximum positive changes in behaviors!

We designed our therapy environment for children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Dyspraxia and Developmental Delay in mind!

Our clinic uses non-fluorescent lighting in every treatment room and skylights for natural light upstairs.

We have calming colors like greens, blues and earth tones with fun beach themes throughout our clinic to help soothe and relax children and parents!  

Rocking chairs are available in the waiting room while you watch Dory, Nemo and friends greet you in our huge salt water fish tank. 

There is a seperate child friendly waiting area with plenty of toys for little ones if siblings need to come along.  

Our therapy team has advanced training and many years of experience in pediatric therapy. 

Our team supplies the following therapy options- 

Occupational Therapy- improve your child's fine motor skills, self help, coordination, attention and sensory processing.

Physical Therapy- improve your child's gross motor skills, balance, coordination, muscle tone & strength.

Speech & Language therapy- to improve your child's articulation, communication, social pragmatics & language skills.

Feeding and Oral Sensory therapy- to expand your child's food texture acceptance and oral motor skills to handle a wide range of healthy foods! 

AAC device evaluations and therapies- we work with your insurance benefits and AAC device providers to help your child communicate using a communication device that is appropriate for their needs.  

Behavior Therapies for children under 12 years of age with diagnosis of ASD using neurodiverse supportive therapies to address negative behaviors and maximize engagement, socialization, communication, and overall improved development across their environments.  

We also work as a team with Center of Vision for your child's comprehensive vision needs and vision therapies for eye movement disorders, eye turns, reading and learning delays.    


Center of Development uses a neurodiverse supportivefamily friendly & research based approach to therapy for your child!
We are here to help you, educate you, and empower you as a parent and caregiver to help your child succeed!

We can often offer therapies back to back in one visit and co-treatments with OT, Speech, PT and ABA to make your life schedule easier and help with carry over of all therapies into their ABA hours.   

All of our therapists have advanced training in pediatrics and use research based treatment techniques that are cutting edge in the therapy world! 

Never delay on getting an evaluation to determine if medical based therapies could help, the sooner...the better! 

You can use your medical benefits ANYWHERE you choose, you do not have to go to a TEIS Vendor, we can work with TEIS providers to provide medical based therapies along with their TEIS supports.  

We love infants and toddlers and the earlier the better for therapy interventions!  Research has proven that the earlier medical based therapies can start, the better outcomes a child can have in development.  

A child who is delayed needs medical based 1:1 individualized therapies as well as TEIS developmental therapy and/or educational school based therapies to make exceptional progress.

 The more 1:1 research based therapeutic interventions that child can receive, the better their developmental gains will be! 

An evaluation at any point in childhood can be the beginning to finding the answers & treatment for your child's needs!

We bill their medical insurance and most insurance companies cover therapies.  Please call 931-372-2567 or email frontdesk@developmentaldelay,net and we will be happy to check medical benefits for you!

Easy to follow home & school helpers-  We understand how busy life is at home, so home therapy activities are simple and helpful, fitting into your daily life schedule!

Building a child's self esteem is a very important part of what we do in therapy.  We believe that this is a vital part of every individual's ability to meet their greatest potential.  Your child will LOVE coming to therapy and will learn to see their AMAZING potential!

Our therapy sessions include caregivers in the session if desired, so that you can see the child's therapy and know what to do at home!

We believe that children do not learn or make therapy gains under stress- we support Polyvagal Theory based approach and My Way approach in which a child is in a CALM- RELAXED- READY state so that higher brain processes such as learning, communicating, socializing, and making developmental gains can happen.  

We have a passion to educate and help families find the most advanced treatment techniques available for their child's issues.  We believe family education is empowerment to make the changes in your precious one's development that is needed to last a lifetime!

Check out our facebook, You Tube channel, Pinterest, and Wordpress links above!  Pinterest & You Tube are great place to start if you are visual learner!

We look forward to helping you make a positive difference in your child's development and give them a hope and future of independence! 

What's Next?

Don't "wait and see"! Early intervention and therapy can help prevent developmental issues at school age! It is best to go ahead and get a therapy evaluation and know exactly where your child's development is and start therapy sooner than later!

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